Bulimia Nervosa

Medical Complications of Bulimia Nervosa


1.      Hypokalemia (loss of potassium (salt) in the body). This leads to muscle weakness, cramps and heart problems.
2.      Hypochloremic alkalosis (body’s pH balance is disturbed – it is too alkaline because of loss of acid). This may lead to organ difficulties.
3.      Gastric and oesophageal tears.
4.      Dental erosion and tooth decay. The family dentist may be the first medical professional to pick up on the purging or vomiting pattern.
5.      Electrolyte and metabolic abnormalities.
6.      Dehydration.
7.      Hypomagnesemia (loss of magnesium) this may lead to damage to the pancreas.
8.      Menstrual disturbances.

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