Disordered Eating

Seeking Help for Disordered Eating

If you are overweight, do not have an eating disorder i.e. you do not purge your food and are not obese (see Body Mass Index Table) but feel like you are always on diet, i.e. you have disordered eating, then you should read the page on why diets don’t work.   A weight problem is never just about eating too much food. There are underlying emotional causes that result in a need to overeat (click here to read about some of these issues). Most people with a weight problem know about every diet available, but cannot stick to any sensible eating plan. An attempt to change only the symptom is one of the reasons why people with a weight problem constantly move from one weight loss programme or new fad diet to the next. It is important to address the manifestation of the problem as early as possible, as there is a strong likelihood that the weight problem and/or disordered eating pattern will simply escalate. I have seen numerous individuals who have simply ballooned over the years. A comment I hear frequently is “Every time I try a new diet, I end up weighing more than when I started”. If you are on the diet roller-coaster, then click here to go to the why diets don’t work.  Remember, it is never only about too much food or the lack of exercise. It is also about your relationship with yourself and how this manifests in your relationship with food.

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