Bulimia Nervosa

Treatment for Bulimia Nervosa

1.      There is a better prognosis than with anorexia nervosa.

2.      Individual psychotherapy, group therapy, family therapy and pharmacotherapy may be necessary.
3.      They are not necessarily hospitalized unless suicidal or if electrolyte and metabolic imbalances occur
4.      Medication, if necessary.
Watch for the following tell-tale signs:
1.      Extreme weight loss.
2.      Extreme weight variations.
3.      Excessive exercise/excessive compliance.
4.      Physical aspects:
·         Is there a change in appearance for the worse?
·         Is there a decrease in energy?
·         Is there an increase in the number of injuries?
·         Is there an increase in minor illnesses such as colds,
          flus, sore throats, etc?
5.      Is there a shift in moods or the presence of depression?

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