Treatment Options

Treatment Options

Our team philosophy is that whether or not this is the first time that you are seeking help for an eating disorder and/or disordered eating or the umpteenth time, we want to make it the last time that you struggle with this problem.  We want to prevent your problem getting worse and aim to help you take proactive steps to establish a healthy, balanced relationship with food.  We want to help you get off the treadmill of continual dieting; of being overly aware of what you eat.  We want to help you understand what is driving your relationship with food so that you don’t have to use destructive compensatory behaviours and patterns (e.g. binge-eating; purging; use of laxatives; dieting; and so on) and even life-threatening patterns (as in anorexia). 

We will offer you specialist input in our respective fields: Dr Sharon for a psychological understanding and treatment, Janine for dietetic and nutritional needs and Emma for exercise.  This input will be tailored to your specific needs as assessed by us and in conjunction with your personal goals. 

A healthy life-style may have eluded you because of a range of psychological factors that have got in the way of having a balanced healthy relationship with food and exercise.  We want to empower you to understand your relationship with food so that you will be ready to take on board dietetic and exercise recommendations.  For this reason all treatment starts with a psychological assessment with Dr Sharon.  Janine will then assess your current and past patterns of eating and Emma will establish your current fitness level.   

All assessments and treatments follow recommended NICE guidelines.  Individuals who present with an eating disorder will need to be under the care of their general practitioner with whom we will liaise.


Our pricing structure for an assessment is as follows:



Dr Sharon (Clinical Health Psychologist) £100 for 50 minutes
Emma (Personal Trainer) £20 an hour. Thereafter blocks of 6 @ £25 per session, seventh one free


Depending on your presentation you may require more than one assessment session with Dr Sharon but this will be discussed with you at the first session.  Depending on the severity of your eating disorder you may require an hour assessment with Janine, the dietitian.  Depending on your eating disorder (e.g. anorexia) you may not initially be assessed by Emma.  If you have disordered eating, a session with each team member will provide a starting point from which your treatment package will be tailored.  At the end of your assessment you will receive a report which will outline this package.  Please contact us for further information on treatment options.

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